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What are Dietitians And What Do They Do?



What are Dietitians?

A Registered Dietitian is an expert in the science of food and nutrition. They carry the credential “RD” meaning that they have had rigorous training in the area of food and nutrition, have passed a national exam and have stayed current on nutrition research through continuing education.  In simple terms, they are skilled at taking the hard science of food and nutrition and breaking it down into useful and simple tools for you.   Find a Registered Dietitian near you.

What can a dietitian do for you?

– Weight Loss Assistance
– Specialized Nutrition Counseling
– Menu planning
– Diabetes Management
– Menu Writing/Approval (schools, daycare, health care)
– Pregnancy and Lactation Guidance
– Child Nutrition
– Product Development
– Food Labeling
– Wellness Programming



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